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We Believe in Providing Quality Air Gun Rifles and Here’s Why…

Unlike airsoft, springer, break-barrel and CO2 rifles, PCP air rifles use compressed air for power, you will love the power, accuracy and stealth these rifles deliver! With pre-charged pneumatic air rifles you will enjoy multi-shot power and extreme accuracy during your hunt or target practice. With most PCP rifles you will have around 30 high-power shots before having to re-fill the tank, this allows you to have more fun and less re-filling! The tanks are either integral to the gun itself or screw on. There are three ways to fill the air tanks, either by high pressure portable compressors, scuba tank or hand pump (the later requiring a lot
of work). Hunters appreciate the power and accuracy of PCP air rifles while on the hunt and get some serious “punch” behind the shot while taking down bigger game.

Central Florida Airguns provides a wide selection of the very best in PCP rifles, whether you are hunting white-tail deer or target practicing in the back yard, that’s right, “the back yard” (most PCP air rifles are moderated therefor, very quiet) you will be amazed with the precision and accuracy these rifles bring to the table. You have a wide range of choices with the action of your PCP air rifle, side lever, under lever, bolt action, pump action as well as firing modes, single shot, repeater, semiautomatic-repeater and FULLY AUTOMATIC, that’s right again, fully automatic! Ammunition is readily available and at a fraction of the cost of traditional firearms’ ammo. With all the options available in PCP air-guns, you are sure to find your perfect fit. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and
add one of these powerful air rifles to your private collection today.