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AEA Airguns Folding Stock Adapter


This AEA Airguns Folding Stock Adapter allows the use of all of your AR Stocks and Pistol Braces in a fixed position for more precise shooting.

This is a high-quality CNC accessory that is anodized for long life. It adds  the folding stock, which makes the overall length longer by 2-3 inches.

You’ll use the lock nut for your existing folding stock to lock it in place.

Compatible with:

•AEA Airguns (AEA Terminator.30, & .357 Caliber; AEA SF/HP SS .22, .25, & .30 Caliber; Challenger Pro LB – All Calibers; Megalodon – All Calibers; BinTac T9 .357 Caliber; BinTac S45; & BinTac M50).


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