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AEA HP Series | Folding Butt Stock Magnetic Closure


The folding butt stock of the AEA HP Series makes for an easy to transport rifle. But one nagging issue is, it does not remain folded when tilted to the left! The Black Arts Design magnetic closure for the AEA HP Series is powerful. We packed as much magnetic holding force as possible into this sleek package. The part is clean, low profile, easy to install and blends into the rifle seamlessly. It firmly holds the butt stock in the folded position until you call for it to open.

  • Material
    • Carbon Filled PETG – PETG selected for low shrinkage, resistance to heat, and high dimensional accuracy. The addition of carbon fibers increases flexural modulus (stiffness) well above standard PETG and further increases dimensional stability.
  • Features
    • Simple and quick install.
    • All exterior edges are chamfered providing a soft touch feel.
    • Bolstered ridge along circumference of device increases strength while providing aesthetic appeal.
    • Use of heat set inserts ensure durability and a firm hold.


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