BinTac B&W M50 w/Arrows | .50 Cal Slug PCP Air Rifle


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The BinTac B&W M50 is the most powerful production arrow air rifle in the world that also shoots .50 cal slugs as a bonus!


•Bolt Action pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle.

•Max Muzzle Velocity

•Arrow – 425Gr 540FPS – 406+ Joules / 300+ Foot Pounds Energy (FPE)

•.50 Cal – 210Gr 920FPS – 542 Joules / 400 Foot Pounds Energy (FPE)

•6-shot magazine in .495 caliber (12.57mm) BIG BORE.

•500CC air tube.

•MAX fill pressure 4500 PSI.

•Sight Rail.

•Barrel Length: 22 Inches

•Folded Length: 28 Inches

•Overall Length: 38 Inches

•Weight: 8 pounds

•One (1) Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Accessories included: 

•Folding Buttstock

•2 Detachable Magazines

•Fill Probe

•6 Arrows


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