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FX Hybrid Slugs .25 Caliber (26gr) Hollow-Point | 100ct


Available on backorder

Available on backorder

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The Hybrid Slug has been a fundamental leap forward in airgun projectile technology. Combining the high ballistic coefficients of slugs, accuracy of pellets, and a light weight provided by the deep recessed hollow point provided by the Hybrid’s patented design. FX proudly offers the next chapter for the Hybrid, the .25 Caliber FX Hybrid Slug. The .22 Caliber Hybrid that was released at the end of 2019 has been a resounding success with FX Airgun owners and those shooting the Hybrid from other manufacturer’s rifles. The effect of the light weight of the design only shines brighter with larger calibers.

The .25 Caliber Hybrid is an even more hunting friendly caliber that expands the size of game you can hunt. Tests find that the .25 caliber Hybrid Slug shoots most accurately between 900-970fps. With the initial offering of the .25 Hybrid slug weighing 26 grains, this provides 45 ft lbs (or more) of muzzle energy that will shoot very flat, and provide massive expansion due to the design of the Hybrid. Sub-MOA groups are doable with the right shooter and conditions. These slugs shine over 100 yards and in windy conditions!

We know users will be astounded with their results as the gyroscopic flywheel rim effect of the Hybrid design really shines and firmly places the .25 Hybrid as THE premium hunting projectile in its caliber. At just 26 grains users will find that a vast amount of .25 Caliber rifles will shoot the Hybrid well.

Manufacturer:  FX Airguns

Caliber:  .25 cal

Ammo Type:  Slugs

Ammo Weight:  26gr

Slug Shape:  Hollow-Point 

Slug Quantity:  100

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