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FX Hybrid Slugs | .30 Caliber (44.5gr) | 100ct


The FX Hybrid Slugs have been a fundamental leap forward in airgun projectile design. A projectile shape that combines the high ballistic coefficient of slugs, accuracy of pellets, and a light weight provided by the deep recessed hollow point provided by the Hybrid’s patented design. Now FX offers the .30 Caliber Hybrid. .30 Caliber has always been a fantastic hunting caliber. Providing more knock-down power while also inherently having a higher ballistic coefficient so the projectile could shoot at farther distances while still retaining its power.

The .30 Hybrid is no different! The .30 Cal Hybrid has the length and shape of a slug weighing north of 65 grains, but yet thanks to it’s deep hollowed out core, weighs just 44.5 grains. The result is a fantastic ballistic coefficient at 0.102. This allows for shooters to take game humanely at great distances while still retaining the energy of the projectile. 

This high BC also makes the FX Hybrid less susceptible to wind drift. All things needed to humanely take game a longer distance. At 44.5 grains, shooters will find that a vast amount of .30 caliber rifles will shoot the hybrid well. Optimal accuracy will be found between 960-1020fps, but will still shoot well at slower speeds depending on the manufacturers barrel and twist rate.


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