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FX No Limit Scope Mount, 30mm/34mm/1in Dovetail


FX Airguns has taken the same innovative approach it’s always applied to building high-end, high-performance airguns and applied it to airgun optics accessories with its  FX No Limit Scope Mount, 30mm/34mm/1in Dovetail scope-ring lineup.

With 0.17-inch of vertical adjustment, these rings are the ideal solution for long-range air rifle shooting and help scopes retain their accuracy even after they run out of adjustment thanks to far-off targets.

At 100 meters, they allow for a 4-meter shift to compensate for crosshair movement. This is especially useful at greater distances, allowing shooters to use their crosshairs to find their scopes’ sweet spots and compensate for projectile drop.
If you’re looking to up your airgun’s long-range accuracy, these FX No Limit Scope Mount, 30mm/34mm/1in Dovetail  rings might be just the thing your setup needs.

Product Specifications and Features:

  • Adjust for height and angle
  • Vertically adjustable 0.17 inches
  • Angle-adjustable +/- 1.5 degrees
  • 11mm Dovetail mounts
  • 30mm/34mm/1in scope rings
  • Easily adjustable with one screw located on each mount
  • Overall height 0.875″ – 1.045″

30mm Tube, 34mm Tube, 1 Inch Tube


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