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Hatsan Velox PCP Pistol


The Hatsan Velox PCP Pistol is an airgun with semi-auto operation designed for reliability and performance in a lightweight and compact format. With lead pellet velocities of up to 620 FPS in .22 and 580 FPS in .25, and power up to 12.6 FPE in .22 and 15 FPE in .25, this air pistol provides accurate shots for plinking and target practice.

One of the most noticeable improvements on this airgun is the improved trigger system that results in a remarkably smooth and consistent pull with an incredibly crisp and pleasing break every time. In addition, this is a semi-auto air pistol, meaning the time it takes to empty the magazine is limited only by the speed with which the shooter can pull the trigger.

The accuracy of the Hatsan Velox is enabled in part by the precision rifled and choked German steel barrel that is shrouded to reduce the noise of each shot and increase the steadiness of the barrel for consistent performance. It also includes a 1/2 UNF threaded muzzle that allows shooters to attach an external moderator to further lower the sound produced by a shot.

This air pistol provides a red fiber optic front sight and a removable and adjustable green fiber optic rear sight, as well as a combination 11mm Dovetail and Weaver optics rail. It also has a grip with texturing to offer a comfortable and slip-free hold, in addition to storage for the extra magazine in the bottom.

To get a semi-auto airgun with surprising power and accuracy for its size and weight, buy a Hatsan Velox PCP Pistol from Central Florida Airguns.


Product Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Semi-auto side bolt action
  • Precharged pneumatic
  • Improved trigger system
  • Precision rifled and choked shrouded German steel barrel
  • Steel upper receiver
  • 1/2 UNF threaded muzzle
  • Detachable 55cc air cylinder fills to 3,625 PSI/250 BAR (can be removed under pressure)
  • Shots at optimal velocity*: 20 (.22), 19 (.25)
  • Magazine capacity: 12 rounds (.22), 10 rounds (.25)
  • Integrated pressure gauge
  • Max. velocity (lead): 620 FPS (.22), 580 FPS (.25)
  • Max. energy: 12.6 FPE (.22), 15 FPE (.25)
  • Textured grip with onboard magazine storage
  • Red fiber optic front sight
  • Adjustable and removable green fiber optic rear sight
  • Combination 11mm Dovetail/Weaver optics rail**
  • Manual push button safety
  • Foster quick-disconnect fill fitting
  • Includes two S/Roto index magazines, two air cylinders, and custom molded hardcase
  • Available in Black and FDE (flat dark earth)
  • Barrel length: 5.5″
  • Overall length): 11.4″
  • Overall weight: 2.15 lbs.

.22 Caliber, .25 Caliber


Black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE)


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