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JSB Diabolo Exact .35 Pellets 81.02gr | 100 pcs


JSB Diabolo Exact .35 Pellets 81.02gr | 100 pcs – this is a heavy, precise pellets Round type (rounded), cal. 9 mm from JSB Company. Features that distinguish the Exact series of pellets are of high quality,  precision workmanship, and perfect balance. They contribute to greater accuracy when shooting long distances. This accuracy is the result of a flat flight path and a small drop over large distances, which the shot is due to the rounded head (Round), reducing air resistance. These pellets are characterized by a stable flight trajectory also during strong gusts of wind.


Name: JSB Diabolo Exact .35

Caliber: 9 mm / .35

Weight: 5.25 g / 81.02gr

Shape: Round

Finish: Smooth

Material: Lead

Packaging: 100


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