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Regal XL-.25


The Daystate Huntsman Regal XL has a Worldwide reputation as the finest sporting air rifle in current production.  The Huntsman’s pedigree of elegance and precision inspires pride of ownership sans the price  associated with the Regal’s level of quality fit and finish. The Daystate team has raised the Regals performance standard with the addition of a HUMA regulator factory installed and tuned. The Regal XL Huma provides the shooter a match winning level of consistent velocity and accuracy. Included with each rifle are two pressure gauges. One on the air cylinder for reading the rifles state of air charge and another in the stock fore arm that displays the regulator pressure. The Huntman’s handy size, light weight and long range performance assure the owner satisfaction in the field or around the home. With one of the finest hand-rubbed walnut oil finished stocks and the meticulously fitted action the Huntsman Regal XL Huma feels soft and looks solid. The ten shot magazine system readies the next pellet for fire with each cocking stroke from the polished chrome bolt handle. Long range accuracy is delivered from the Lothar-Walther barrel with modest muzzle report. The two stage adjustable trigger assure a crisp let off and accurate shot placement. The Daystate Huntsman Regal XL has, and will continue to set the standard that other sporting air rifles will be judged.

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Caliber .177
Energy Up to 18 ft-lbs
Powerplant PCP
Scope Rail 11 mm
Capacity 10-shot
Warranty 5 years

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