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Western Airguns Rattler .45 Long Strike


Available on backorder

Available on August 29, 2024

In response to the overwhelming success of the Rattler 357, Western Airguns is proud to introduce the Western Airguns Rattler .45 Long Strike. The Rattler 45 Long Strike offers a whopping 435+ ft-lbs of muzzle energy and 12 regulated target grade shots per fill from its standard 700cc carbon fiber bottle. The semi-auto action incorporates a titanium twelve-shot magazine that can accept 350 grain slugs. A full compliment of shots from the Rattler totals over 5200 ft-lbs of combined energy as fast as you can pull the trigger. Tested three-shot groups with good ammunition give 100 yard accuracy of less than a inch from the hammer forged, USA-made TJ barrel. The versatility of the Long Strike is further enhanced with the easy to adjust throttle valve. This fast easy to adjust feature gives the shooter the ability to set the desired velocity for his bullet of choice. A moderator is included to reduce the report from the high powered shot.  The rifle comes standard with a picattiny bottom and side rail for bipod and accessory use. The Western Rattler 45 Long Strike is the new standard for high powered, long range, big bore air rifles.


Technical Product Specifications and Features:

Caliber: .45
Barrel Length: 36″
Overall Length: 48.5″
Weight: 10.4 lbs
Powerplant: PCP
Cylinder Volume: 700cc
Energy: Up to 435 ft-lbs
Scope Rail: Picatinny
Length of Pull: 15.25″
Magazine Capacity: 12-shot



.457 Caliber


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