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Western Bush Pig .45 Carbine


The Western Airguns Bush Pig .45 Carbine will be one of the most successful and traveled big bore air rifles in the world today!


Many of the largest African game and most North American species have fallen to the power and accuracy the Bush Buck 45 provides. The Bush Buck is not only a powerful long range hunter, it has also won many of the most prestigious air rifle competitions. Building on the foundation and performance hand crafted into every Bush Buck is the new Western Bush Pig .45. The Bush Pig is a carbine length Bush Buck action in a high performance A/R compatible chassis stock. This almost indestructible rifle and stock combination sports picatinny rails for scope and bipod mounting, as well as a Fab Defense rear adjustable butt stock and vertical pistol grip. The Bushpig also comes standard with a sear-block safety system as a new addition to the Bush Buck action. The USA Made air rifle comes fitted with a hammer forged special twist barrel for medium to heavy ammo. The rifle has a two power setting for 500+ ft-lbs on high and approximately 300 ft-lbs on the lower setting dependent of choice of ammo. This little gem has a hidden super power. The threaded muzzle brake allows for a sound suppressor to be installed and is designed to accept and concentrically center arrows for shooting. The carbine has been tested and will fire hunting grade arrows at speed over 600 fps approaching 700 fps. Accuracy with quality arrows is well under 3 inches at 100 yards and power enough to take the largest game in the world! Not for the timid, this Western Bush Pig .45 Carbine is a next level hunting air rifle!

Technical Specifications:

•Caliber – .452
•Barrel Length – 23″
•Overall Length – 39 1/2″ to 43″
•Weight – 8 lbs, 8 oz
•Shots Per Fill – up to 4
•Cylinder Volume – 200 cc
•Powerplant – PCP (Pre-charged Pneumatic)
•Energy – up to 500 ft-lbs
•Scope Rail – Picatinny
•Magazine Capacity – Single Shot

.452 Caliber


Black, Olive Drab Green, Flat Dark Earth, Tungsten


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