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JSB Diabolo

JSB Match Diabolo airgun ammo got its start in 1991 when former owner Josef Schulz began producing ammunition for air weapons under the name JSB Match Diabolo Bohumin in Bohumin, Czech Republic. This is a brand of ammo you can trust and buy here at Central Florida Airguns.

A former active gun marksman and coach, Schulz had a keen interest and a personal perspective in developing precision airgun ammunition. Following his shooting/coaching career, Schulz began researching and developing high-precision, production airgun ammunition and the stamping machines used to do so. In 2008, JSB Match Diabolo a.s. bought Schulz’s company and incorporated.

Today, the company produces the same high-quality, precision airgun ammo. Each batch is thoroughly tested in-house at the JSB facility in the Czech Republic. From procuring the raw materials involved in pellet production to testing the final product, JSB exercises complete quality control over every pellet it produces. It’s this kind of uncompromising attitude about quality control and the hands-on way by which it’s maintained that helps keep JSB at the top of the airgun ammo game.

JSB pellets are made to accommodate your shooting style in different weights, calibers, and shapes. Central Florida Airguns carries several varieties of JSB ammo in calibers ranging from .22 to .30 and in weights from 15 grains to over 61 grains. The slugs and pellets come in domed/round, hollow point, wadcutter, and cylindrical. Here are just a few of their ammo types.

If you’re looking for the highest quality ammo at a good price, the JSB Match Diabolo pellets are some of JSB’s most popular and come in two varieties, the Hades and the Exact. Like all JSB ammo, they produce accurate, consistent shots from the first trigger pull to the last using almost any model of airgun.

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