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Weihrauch engineer and manufacture their precision airguns using the latest technology – Perfection and Innovation are important parts of the company’s ethos. Continuous development program ensures that the product range meets the ever changing requirements of the airgun shooting market.

Weihrauch continually invests in the most up to date production machinery, maintaining quality whilst maximising output.

The Weihrauch family and their dedicated team of experts have decades of experience, this keeps Weihrauch airguns at the top of the market. All guns are assembled by hand.

Every gun is tested to ensure it meets UK specification.

UK power air rifles are calibrated to 11.5ft Ibs – unless otherwise stated.

UK entry level air rifles are calibrated at 7ft Ibs.

UK air pistols are calibrated as follows:

  • HW44 – 5.8ft Ibs Target
  • HW45 – 5.8ft Ibs Target
  • HW75 – 2.5 ft Ibs Target / Plinking
  • HW40 – 2.8 ft Ibs Target / Plinking

Weihrauch manufacture their components to exact standards. The use of high grade polymer took this to new heights when making the HW110, HW44 and the New Bullpup.

They pay particular attention when making their own barrels, very few other manufacturers can claim this level of expertise, relying on sourcing their barrels from other suppliers.

Weihrauch commission only the finest stock makers and the resulting airguns are well received by customers throughout the world.

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