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Weihrauch HW95 N .22 Walnut


Introducing the Weihrauch HW95 N .22 Walnut Air Rifle – a pinnacle of precision and power crafted by Weihrauch, renowned as one of the oldest and most esteemed manufacturers of air rifles worldwide. Born from the success of the HW95, this model stands out as one of their most popular creations, blending exceptional accuracy with potent performance, making it an ideal choice for backyard safaris or pest elimination.

The HW95N seamlessly combines ease of cocking with a lightweight design, delivering impressive power without sacrificing maneuverability. Achieve remarkable accuracy at distances of up to 100 yards, thanks to the 95’s spring piston power plant and match-grade barrel. Elevating the shooting experience is the Rekord trigger system – a pinnacle of crispness and adjustability that surpasses industry standards.

What sets the HW95N apart is its exclusive upgrade: a striking walnut stock that replaces the standard beech, denoted by the ‘N’ in its name, representing “Nussbaum” or walnut in German. This elegant enhancement, brought to you through a limited production run in collaboration with Airguns of Arizona, not only adds aesthetic appeal but also practical benefits. The oil-finished walnut stock, lighter than its beech counterpart, is not only a visual delight but also more forgiving – easily repairable in case of minor scratches or dings.

Be among the privileged few to own the first-ever HW95N with the walnut upgrade. Experience the perfect harmony of form and function, where tradition meets innovation, with the Weihrauch HW95 N .22 Walnut Air Rifle.

Technical Specifications:
•Caliber – .22
•Overall Length – 42.32″
•Barrel Length – 16.1″
•Weight – 7.5 lbs
•Powerplant – Spring
•Scope Rail – Dovetail
•Magazine Capacity – Single Shot
•Velocity – Up To 700 fps


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