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BRK Brocock Atomic XR

Brocock LTD in the UK has a long history in manufacturing of air rifles and pistols. Within the last few years the company has concentrated their efforts on the well received XR Series of side lever HUMA regulated rifles. Extremely popular models like the Sniper XR, Commander XR and Concept XR dominate in the rifle categories, but Brocock has lacked a good quality PCP pistol…until now! Enter the BRK Brocock Atomic XR Air Pistol / Compact Carbine.

As the name suggest a power house of performance in a diminutive package. The BRK Brocock Atomic XR Air Pistol / Compact Carbine leaves the factory in England as a purpose built tactical carbine. The Atomic Carbine measures only 23 inches long and can be extended 3.5 inches to accommodate taller shooters. The AR compatible stock is standard and included. Upon arrival, the Brocock Atomic XR is transformed by the American Importer into one of the most potent and versatile air pistols ever made. The Atomic XR is packed with an array of user inspired features.

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