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AEA Terminator Gen2 Semi-Auto


AEA offers the most powerful 9mm/.357 and .30 Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifles in the world! They’re called the AEA Terminator Gen2 Semi-Auto airgun. We have tested these gun and have found them to be fun and amazing.

The AEA Terminator Gen2 Semi-Auto airgun build quality is excellent and the accuracy is supreme! And, for the price, it doesn’t have any competition to date.

*.30 cal version does not get rear tank. Instead it gets a folding stock. The .30 can use a rear tank as a separate option.

New features include:

*Better trigger

*High rail for better optics placement and easier mag removal. Also provides easier access to breach if single loading slugs.

*Adjustable Transfer port

*Built in bubble level to aid in scope installation.

*New .30 caliber version


.357, .30


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