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AEA Zeus .72 Caliber | Barrel Band


The Black Arts Design AEA Zeus .72 Caliber Barrel Band, AKA Barrel Support Stabilizer, reduces the likelihood of POI shifts from bumps to the barrel and ends barrel droop induced by moderators. Our Gen2 barrel shroud section houses two TPU bushings. For the AEA Zeus .72 Caliber Barrel Band, these bushings allow for a very snug fit but still allow a no hassle installation. The lower section clamps to the air tube with two M3 screws providing substantial resistance to movement.


– Carbon Filled (CF) PETG – CF PETG selected for low shrinkage, resistance to heat, and
high dimensional accuracy. The addition of carbon fibers increases flexural modulus
(stiffness) well above standard PETG.
– TPU (thermoplastic Polyurethane). TPU is extremely flexible and highly resistant to abrasion.


-The shroud section houses two TPU bushings to ensure a snug fit while allowing ease of installation.
– TPU has rubber like characteristics adding dampening qualities to our barrel band.
– No grub screws! The lower section clamps securely with two alloy steel screws and nuts.
Nuts are held captive within internal slots providing a secure hold while maintaining a
clean appearance.
– Bolstered design along the circumference increases flexural modulus (stiffness) and
aesthetic appeal.


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