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American Air Arms EVOL 30


American Air Arms EVOL 30 is a small American manufacture of Air rifles. This quality-first company builds a very limited number of rifles each year. All design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly takes place in their Southern California facility. Each rifle is a labor of love with dedication to perfection whether on display, the bench, or in the field.

The American Air Arms EVOL 30 packs full performance into a clean and compact platform.

American Air Arms EVOL 30 rifles are made to withstand the most demanding field applications.

The American Air Arms EVOL 30 upper and lower chassis is made from the highest grade aluminum. The rifles light weight is made possible by the Titanium air cylinder which gives a larger air volume in a smaller space without sacrificing structural integrity and safety.

The bottom picatinny rail runs the entire length of the air cylinder to provide for a rigid platform to mount a bipod or other accessories. The EVOL action is a smooth to operate short stroke side lever and is built to withstand heavy use.  The high level of accuracy, precision and repeatability from the tensioned barrel system.

Each American Air Arms EVOL 30 Tactical PRS Carbine barrel is selected to provide the best accuracy according to the rifles power and ammunition used. The barrel is then polished and threaded into a massive lug in the breech block. A chamber insert system is used to ensure the best transition into the rifling.

Smart features included are a forcing cone stripper to reduce turbulence and the report of the rifle, even the air supply gauge has been cleverly placed on the side of the air cylinder for quick reference. The shot to shot consistency made possible from the in-house regulator and special valve and floating hammer design. A regulator gauge to display operating pressure is housed and protected by the lower chassis .

The design team for the American Air Arms EVOL 30 has thoughtfully incorporated 50 MOA into the picatinny scope rail for the best zero of the scope without using the maximum elevation from scope turret adjustments.

The trigger system is a piece of airgun jewelry with multiple adjustments clearly marked on the housing for ease of use. The trigger is factory set for a crisp release at 8 to 10 ounces with the ambidextrous safety ergonomically placed on both sides of the action.

The EVOLS stock and grip are genuine Magpul and are fully AR15 compatible.

The American Air Arms EVOL 30 rifles are not for every airgunner but those that can truly appreciate that rugged reliability Tier-1 performance will appreciate the value


EVOL 30 Tactical Carbine Features:

  1. Titanium Reservoir
  2. Internally Adjustable Regulator
  3. Hammer Forged Chrome Moly, Tensioned, and Shrouded Barrel System
  4. Quick and easy Side Lever Action
  5. Self Indexing Rotary Magazine (all aluminum design)
  6. True Two Stage Trigger (position, first and second stage, pull, and stop are adjustable)
  7. MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Scope Rail with 40 MOA included
  8. Rear Velocity Adjuster
  9. Industry Standard QD Foster Fill Connection
  10. Reservoir Pressure and Regulator Pressure Gauges



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