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BRK Atomic XR Compact Carbine


Brocock LTD in the UK has a long history in manufacturing of air rifles and pistols. Within the last few years the company has concentrated their efforts on the well received XR Series of side lever HUMA regulated rifles. Extremely popular models like the Sniper XR, Commander XR and Concept XR dominate in the rifle categories, but Brocock has lacked a good quality PCP pistol…until now! Enter the BRK Atomic XR Compact Carbine.

As the name suggest a power house of performance in a diminutive package. The Atomic XR leaves the factory in England as a purpose built tactical carbine. The Atomic Carbine measures only 23 inches long and can be extended 3.5 inches to accommodate taller shooters. The AR compatible stock is standard and included. The Atomic XR is packed with an array of user inspired features.

Accuracy from the Lothar Walther match grade barrel is on par with the best compact carbines. The barrel is 1/2 inch UNF threaded to except a moderator for silent report. The BRK Atomic XR Compact Carbine trigger is a two stage adjustable unit with a safety that has been thoughtfully placed for ease of use. The Huma regulated action provides a shot count that defies physics. On High power the 22 caliber delivers 30 shots and on low a ridiculous 120 shots! The quick fill system includes a dust cover and pressure gauge to show the level of fuel left in the tank.

The Atomic’s side lever action is quick and requires almost no effort to operate. The gun also comes standard with an all new, fast loading, 11-shot magazine in 22 caliber, and a single shot tray for target work. The Atomic includes an 11 millimeter scope rail and reach forward riser for sight mounting flexibility. High build quality of the Atomic is evident throughout the materials and design. The one piece chassis has a integrated picatinny rail for bipod mounting or other shooting accessories. Brocock is proud to offer the new Atomic Compact Carbine.

Caliber – .22
Overall Length – 23″
Barrel Length – 10″
Weight- 4.65 lbs
Shots Per Fill – 20 to 100
Energy – Up To 20 ft-lbs
Powerplant – PCP
Cylinder Volume – 50 cc
Scope Rail – 11mm
Capacity – 11-Shot
Warranty – 3-year

.22 Caliber, .25 Caliber


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