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BRK Brocock Commander XR Black Synthetic .25


Built for heavy duty field use and long range target performance the    BRK Brocock Commander XR Black Synthetic .25 satisfies the most discerning rifle enthusiast. The Commander XR impresses, with innovation and precision engineering throughout its tactical design and industrial grade build quality. Made to last a lifetime, Brocock is confident to include a three year warranty on this high specification shooting instrument. The side lever cocking and loading system that cycles the 10 shot magazine is made to withstand fast hard use and complements the rugged style of the Commander XR. All versions of the Commander share the HUMA regulated air delivery system that works in harmony with a new adjustable hammer and valve to provide the highest level of consistent shots per fill from the rifles carbon fiber Hi-Lite bottle or aluminum cylinder. A dual gauge stack provides regulator pressure set and air supply state of fill. A power adjuster to select multiple velocities is ergonomically located on the right hand side of the breech block for on demand tuning capabilities. The BRK Brocock Commander XR Black Synthetic .25 is fitted with a picatinny scope and bipod rail  and an optional dual side rail to enhance the rifles tactical applications. The genius of the Commanders design is the use of AR-15 compatible butt stock, trigger guard and grip. The BRK Brocock Commander XR Black Synthetic .25 also features a side folding, collapsible stock. The Commanders muzzle report is reduced by the large diameter barrel shroud system that is finished with muzzle brake to reduce recoil to almost zero. Additional noise reduction can be added by removing the brake to expose 1/2″ UNF threads and fitting a sound moderator of choice. Long range accuracy is provided from the Lothar Walther high specification Polygonal barrel and two stage adjustable trigger. The Brocock Commander XR has been designed and built by one of the leading gun makers in Europe to quench the thirst of the USA shooter.

.22, .25


Fixed, Folding


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