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BRK Ranger XR .22 Gotchu Iguana Package


The BRK Ranger XR .22 Gotchu Iguana Package brings together the exciting Ranger XR folding stock airgun and the fun to shoot Action Armour Gotchu Iguana at an amazing price! This package was created to show the effective application the Brocock Ranger XR has for small game like Iguanas. Our friend Jessica over at Iguana Solutions uses one for her iguana removal business out in Florida, and you can watch some of her videos to see how effective it really is!

Thanks BRK Ranger XR .22 Gotchu Iguana Package comes with Picatinny top and side rails for any accessory needed, and includes a Compact 0dB to keep the noise at a minimum.  This folding stock airgun is functional as a compact rifle or folded as a make shift pistol! Perfect for those tight confined spaces! The multi step power adjuster on the Ranger XR allows you to dial in to the situation at hand, keeping you setup for safety and precision.

The shoot-to-reset Gotchu Iguana is fun, easy to use, and hands free function for practicing all day!

With the Brocock Ranger XR Gotchu Iguana Package, you have the perfect combination for practice and small pest control!

Caliber – .22
Overall Length – 28″ – 31″
Barrel Length – 10″
Weight – 5.3 lbs
Powerplant – PCP
Shots Per Fill – Up to 20
Energy – Up to 18 ft-lbs
Scope Rail – Picatinny
Velocity – Up to 850 ft/sec
Warranty – 3 Years

.22 Caliber, .25 Caliber


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