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FX Crown MKII-IV8888 .30 Cal W/Arrow Kit


Availability: 2 in stock (can be backordered)


Introducing the IraqVeteran8888 FX Crown MKII-IV8888 Limited Edition .30 Cal W/Arrow Kit with a supreme Brown GRS Rifle Stock – a true masterpiece for air rifle enthusiasts. This rifle is designed for those who demand excellence and uniqueness in their collection.

FX has teamed up with the very popular YouTube Channel – IraqVeteran8888 – to release this very limited edition FX Crown MKII-IV8888 Limited Edition .30 Cal W/Arrow Kit and a 500mm 30Cal Barrel.

FX is giving back and making a difference with this limited edition release. FX has donated $100.00 of each rifle to the Special Operations Wounded Warrior Charity, that $10,000.00 donated to help the life of a Special Operation Forces service member who has suffered a personal injury while defending our freedoms.

This FX Crown MKII-IV8888 .30 Cal W/Arrow Kit is not your typical Crown and special in many ways. The FX Crown MKII-IV8888 .30 Cal W/Arrow Kits is fitted with a limited brown laminate right hand GRS stock. Laser etched on the right forearm with the IV8888 logo. These GRS stocks are each individually numbered and engraved under the cheek rest.

The FX Crown MKII-IV8888 Limited Edition 30 Cal W/Arrow Kit will come to you with the FX Arrow barrel installed and 4 arrows with field points. A 30Cal 500mm FX STX Barrel and moderator are also included allowing for a quick and easy swap of the barrels to shoot either 30Cal pellets or slugs with a simple adjustment of the power wheel.

These limited edition Crowns are not your standard stock Crown MKII air rifles. These have been upgraded each rifle with a slug power kit, a tungsten hammer and fully tuned to maximize the power and accuracy of the rifle for air-bow hunting, by famed airgun smith Ernets Rowe.

Please Note: Price Includes the choice of a FX DonnyFL 5″ or Ronin Moderator w/ Adapter. When ordering, please advise in the private note section at checkout. 


Technical Product Specifications:

•Caliber              Arrow/.30 Cal

•Weight               9.6lbs

•Stock                  GRS Br Laminate

•Length               37″ Arrow Barrel


45″ Moderator

•Magazine             13 Rounds

•Bottle Size           480cc

•Fill Pressure       250Bar|3625psi

•Shots Per Fill      30 Shots Arrow

40 Shots .30 Cal

•Arrow Kinetic Energy    130ft lbs

•Pellet Muzzle Energy     82 ft lbs

•Slug Muzzle Energy       90 ft lbs

•Moderator                      FX DonnyFL

•Regulator                        AMP Reg

•Optics Rail                      Picatinny

FX Highly recommends the Steel Force 225gr Fixed Blade Heads over standard mechanical broadheads.



.30 Caliber


FX DonnyFL 5" Moderator


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