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FX Hybrid Slugs .22 Caliber 22.0gr Hollow Point | 100ct


Introducing FX Airguns’ latest contribution to cutting-edge PCP air-gunning: FX Hybrid Slugs .22 Caliber 22.0gr Hollow Point  | 100ct.

Engineered from the ground up to enhance range and accuracy, these FX Hybrid Slugs .22 Caliber 22.0gr Hollow Point  | 100ct combine the most desirable attributes of both standard diabolo-shaped pellets and swaged slugs. According to FX, this results in lighter weight, a higher ballistic coefficient and the ability to be shot out of most PCP’s with “massive expansion.”

“The FX Hybrid Slug will revolutionize what an airgun can do,” writes the manufacturer. “The hybrid benefits from the external dimensions of a high ballistic coefficient slug, but has a completely hollow core and deep recessed base, making it light enough to be shot from most PCP’s. Its unique shape and extremely low weight, combined with an optimal bearing surface, all for velocities and trajectories that are unparalleled by any other slug or pellet.”

FX has designed the Hybrid Slugs to work well in a wide variety of barrels. Reporting that the Hybrid is actually performing better in their STX pellet liners than slug liners. This makes the Hybrid a good option for other barrel types as well, potentially matching or even outperforming standard diabolo pellets.  

  • .22 caliber
  • 22.0 grains
  • 100 Slugs

Please Note: Always be mindful of what is beyond and around your target.  Because of their high BC, slugs will carry more energy further downrange than pellets.  Make sure that your shooting area is safe and that you have a sufficient backstop in place when shooting these projectiles.


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