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FX Impact Top Rail Support (TRS) Compact


This new FX Impact Top Rail Support (TRS) Compact changes an already great looking tactical gun into a jaw dropping beast! More importantly, it opens up the possibilities with the latest airgun trends. From the top rail mounted bipod by GRS, to inline night optics and everything in between. Make your FX Impact M3 a superior one with the FX Impact Top Rail Support (TRS) Compact today!


  • Integrated bubble level in the rear allowing you to quickly check to make sure your gun is level. A must have for long range shooting.
  • M-Lok slots allow you to attach accessories like: flashlight, laser & weights.
  • It has a built in 20 MOA, gives your scope more elevation for long range shooting.
  • Has a Delrin shroud clamp to prevent shroud drooping. It minimizes or eliminates any point of impact changes when switching suppressors.
  • Available in standard and compact sizes with black anodize.
  • Weight = 11oz
  • Extends past gun block 8 inches


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