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Omega 100 cu. ft. 4500 psi Portable Air Tank w/ HP3 Valve


The Omega 100 cu. ft. 4500 psi Portable Air Tank w/ HP3 Valve     provides a massive amount of compressed air for your air rifle or pistol. You may now spend more hours at the range or in the field instead of taking time to fill your tank. The supplied valve has a very positive action for filling your gun at a rate that is both safe and efficient. The large high quality pressure gauge displays in BAR and PSI for your convenience and the gauge reads the precise pressure being delivered for the most accurate fill of your airgun. Both the air cylinder and the valve system are rated at a full 310 BAR and both the cylinder and valve display this proudly. The 1-Meter long Zero-Kink hose system on the Omega 100 cu. ft. 4500 psi Portable Air Tank, comes standard and is a truly amazing piece of kit. This high pressure line cannot be tied in knots or kinked in any way. This is the safest most convenient filling system on the market at a very competitive price. The valve and hose come with a lifetime warranty.

Technical Product Specifications:

  • 100 cubic foot capacity
  • 4500 psi fill pressure
  • Stainless Oil-Filled Gauge
  • Full 15-Year life*
  • DOT Certified
  • Slow Fill / Fast Refill Valve
  • DIN and 1/8″ BSP capability
  • 1-Meter Zero-Kink Hose
  • Quick bleed valve release


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