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Western Airguns Rattler .30


Available on backorder

Available on June 28, 2024

The Western Airguns Rattler .30 is a 17 shot fully and semi-automatic big bore air rifle purposely built for larger game as well as long range shooting.


With these 17 full power shots, the rifle can produce upwards of 180 ft-lbs of energy with each pull of the trigger. Made with the highest quality components and engineered to withstand the taxing demands required by the .30, the Rattler can stand up to the toughest shooting conditions. The long list of features include a 580 cc air cylinder, an adjustable regulator, and a hammerless firing system uniquely configured for incredible shot-to-shot consistency. A knurled throttle knob lies just below the high capacity magazine for quick and easy velocity changes and a wide range of power adjustments. Reaching maximum power of 175 ft-lbs, the Rattler 30 can be dial down to 50 ft-lbs for up to 100 shots. The Hammer Forged Nitrate Coated TJ, which is Carbon Fiber, barrel provides unmatched accuracy, producing sub MOA groups at 100 yards. At 21mm, the fixed Titanium magazine has enough depth to accept some of the longest slugs on the market today. The Western Rattler 30 is also equipped with a 20 MOA Picatinny scope rail, dual side rails, and a Picatinny bottom rail for attaching the bipod or accessory of your choice. A solid aluminum shroud silencing system quiets the report to a very comfortable crack. Lastly, the Western Rattler is equipped with dual safeties, AR style interchangeable grip, synthetic cheek piece, comfortable butt pad, and two easy-to-read gauges displaying bottle and regulator pressures alike. A removable bottle also comes standard for quick changes in the field. Larger game, long range target shooting, and easy pest control are standard fare for the Western Airguns Rattler 30.

Western Airguns is set to make a lasting impact on the airgun market!


Technical Specifications:

•Caliber: .30
•Overall Length: 40″
•Barrel Length: 28″
•Weight: 9.3 lbs
•Shots Per Fill: 17 to 100
•Cylinder Volume: 580cc
•Maximum Energy: 50 to 175 ft-lbs
•Scope Rail: Picatinny
•Magazine Capacity: 17-shot
•Warranty: 1 Year



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