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Western Airguns Sidewinder Magazine



For those searching for a Spare Western Airguns Sidewinder Magazine for their .30, .25, & .22 Caliber Western Sidewinder Airgun, look no further. Crafted from solid titanium, you can be sure that this precision magazine is durable and light-weight, offering performance above and beyond all other mags on the market. The strong construction ensures that it will hold up to even the most intense use of the Western Airguns Sidewinder Semi/Full Auto Action – providing you hours (and years) of quality service. And you won’t have to worry – each chamber is machined with pellet retaining lands and capped off with a stainless steel cover plate – so your pellets remain securely in place at all times. If you want an airgun magazine that’s designed to last through some tough action, pick up one of these now!


.22, .25, .30


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