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Hatsan Jet II Black .25



Unlike a standard air pistol, the Hatsan Jet II Black .25 Convertible PCP Pistol can change into an air rifle because it comes with a removable synthetic stock. It features lead pellet velocities of up to 788 FPS in .177, 700 FPS in .22, and 608 FPS in .25 for plinking, target practice, or light pest control with the higher-caliber models.

The difference between this air pistol and most others is the ability to attach the removable synthetic stock to the top and bottom of the rear of the ergonomic textured pistol grip. That allows it to be used as a compact air rifle for better control and stability, or as a light and convenient pellet pistol with the stock removed.

The Hatsan Jet II utilizes an added 40cc air cylinder in addition to the first 40cc cylinder that the other model includes for double the capacity and double the number of shots within 85% of peak velocity. Both air cylinders fill to 3,625 PSI to deliver up to 48 shots in .177, 42 in .22, and 30 in .25, so a single fill will provide a generous amount of shooting time.

This airgun provides accurate shots without added equipment because it has a flip-up fiber optic front sight, an additional flip-up sight in front of the magazine, and a flip-up fiber optic rear sight. It also offers an 11mm dovetail optics rail for optics such as scopes or dot sights, and a side Picatinny accessory rail for items including lasers and lights.

To get a flexible airgun with enhanced air capacity that can shift from an air rifle to an air pistol, buy the Hatsan Jet II Black .25 Convertible PCP Pistol today.

Product Specifications and Features:

  • Convertible pistol or rifle
  • Includes removable synthetic stock
  • PCP
  • Two 40cc air cylinders fill to 3,625 PSI/250 BAR
  • Shots at optimal velocity*: 48 (.177), 42 (.22), 30 (.25)
  • Magazine capacity: 8 rounds (.177), 7 rounds (.22), 6 rounds (.25)
  • Integrated manometer
  • Max. velocity (lead-free): 810 FPS (.177), 700 FPS (.22), 611 FPS (.25)
  • Max. velocity (lead): 788 FPS (.177), 700 FPS (.22), 608 FPS (.25)
  • Max. energy: 9.7 FPE (.177), 15.6 FPE (.22), 16.5 FPE (.25)
  • Length-adjustable buttstock
  • Elevation-adjustable cheek rest
  • Ridged rubber buttpad
  • Flip-up fiber optic front sight
  • Flip-up adjustable fiber optic rear sight
  • 11mm Dovetail optics rail
  • Picatinny accessory rail
  • Barrel length: 7.9″
  • Overall length (pistol): 15″
  • Overall length (rifle): 22.8″-24.6″
  • Overall weight (pistol): 2.4 lbs.
  • Overall weight (rifle): 3.4 lbs.
  • Includes 2 magazines, single shot tray, cylinder adapter, and spare o-rings

.25 Caliber, .22 Caliber


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