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Hatsan Piledriver BigBore .62 Caliber



Please Note:***This item is currently out of stock but is available for pre-order. Your pre-order will include a deposit of $100.00 and the remainder is due prior to shipment. The retail price is $1,197.99.

Hatsan is well known for producing some of the most powerful airguns on the market, but they’ve gone all-in with the Hatsan Piledriver BigBore .62 Caliber!  Producing a jaw-dropping 700 FPE in .45 caliber (700+ FPE in .62 caliber) and an even more impressive 800+ FPE in .50 caliber, the Piledriver is leading the way when it comes to big bore power.  With a 300 BAR fill pressure and a 480cc carbon fiber tank on board, and a lengthy 33″ barrel, you can rest assured knowing you will have all the power you need for big game hunting.

The rifle maintains a manageable profile thanks to the bullpup design.  This sets the action back into the stock, and keeps most of the weight relatively centered for the shooter.  The all-weather advanced polymer stock is a thumbhole design, and features an elevation adjustable cheek-piece as well as a vertically and angle adjustable butt-pad, to help provide a comfortable fit.

Featuring Hatsan’s revered Quattro trigger, which is two stage adjustable, the Hatsan Piledriver BigBore .62 Caliber is sure to be precise enough to place your shots with ease.  And thanks to a generous loading port, you’ll be able to send rounds up to 34mm in length downrange with power and accuracy!

Technical Specifications:

  • 480cc Carbon Fiber Bottle
  • 300 BAR (4,350 PSI) Fill Pressure
  • Precision Rifled Barrel
  • Available in .45 (.457), .50 (.510), and .62 caliber
  • Bullpup Design
  • Quattro Trigger
  • Long Side-lever for easy cocking action
  • Synthetic Thumbhole stock with adjustable cheek-piece
  • Angle and elevation adjustable butt-pad
  • 11mm dovetail/weaver combo scope rail
  • 3 Picatinny accessory rails mounted around the air cylinder
  • Utilizes a fill probe threaded to 1/8″ BSPP
  • Large loading port accommodates ammo up to 34mm long
  • 4-6 shots in .45 cal, 3-5 shots in .50, 3-5 shots in .62 cal
  • 700 FPE in .45 cal, 800+ FPE in .50, 700+ FPE in .62 cal

.62 Caliber, .50 (.510) Caliber, .457 Caliber


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