KalibrGun Argus 60 Carbon Fiber


The KalibrGun Argus 60 Carbon Fiber is a premium bullpup PCP offering shooters an unparalleled airgun shooting experience with its unique industrial design. Using its ambidextrous forward side-lever cocking design, the Argus features a new loading system, redesigned magazine, integrated weaver accessory rail, and a highly visible cocking indicator with ambidextrous safety. The Argus’ regulator is finely tuned to deliver extremely consistent velocities while allowing the shooter to fine-tune the gun’s final power level through a simple hammer spring adjustment. The KalibrGun Argus 60 Carbon Fiber features a stock made entirely of ultra-lightweight carbon fiber, for strength and durability with virtually no weight. Its unchoked 23.6-inch barrel (Cal .22/.25/.30) is kept quiet inside one of the most distinctively designed and effective integrated shrouds available on an airgun today..

Additionally, the KalibrGun Argus 60 platform is the first to feature a new ambidextrous sidelever cocking system that can be changed easily to either the left or the right side of the rifle.  The Argus 60 W PCP rifle is equipped with a high-pressure 300 Bar (4351 Psi) air tank and has 350 cc of air capacity. The operating range of the Argus 60 W air rifle is from 100 to 300 Bar (4351 Psi), surpassing the 250 Bar maximum of many of its competitors.

Our finely tuned regulators keep velocities extremely consistent (± 2 m/s or ±6.6 f/s) throughout the full operating range of the gun’s air cylinder volume.

Technical Specifications:

PCP rifle system Bullpup
Shooting system Multi-shot
Cocking system Side lever – switchable(left/right)
Magazine 13 shot in cal. 5.5 (.22)
Gun-stock Wood
Cheek part Wooden (included)
Barrel 600 mm (23.6“) long standard profile no choke, 12 grooved barrel with 450 mm (17.7“) twist
Manometer Yes
Fill pressure 300 Bar (4351 Psi)
Air capacity 350 cc
Air cylinder Fixed
Charging Quick charge system
Scope mount Weaver rail
Trigger Adjustable trigger
Safety Manual trigger safety
Overall length 820 mm (32.3″)
Weight 4.1 kg (9 lb) (without scope)



.22 Caliber, .25 Caliber, .30 Caliber


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