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Omega Turbo Charger 4500psi Compressor


Available on backorder

When time is of the essence, the Omega Turbo Charger 4500psi Compressor gets it done. Building on the Super Charger Platform, the Omega Turbo Charger utilizes a dual piston technology to reduce the fill time by HALF! The automatic shut off is easily set by the twin indicator arms in the extra large easy to read pressure gauge. When the desired pressure is reached the compressor shuts itself off automatically. An auto bleed system is also programmable to any duration and interval that air quality and humidity may require. With these user friendly features one can attach his or her air cylinder or airgun push the on button and go eat dinner or watch television. The compressor will bleed off all moisture and shut down when filling is complete. No other unit can match the Omega Turbo Charger 4500psi Compressor for ease of use and protection of equipment from corrosive moisture as well as quiet operation.  An hour meter is also included to alert the user of regular service intervals. The Turbo Charger is encased in a red carbon fiber finished, all-metal case that protects the compressor from the elements as well as adds a touch of elegance to the appearance. Included is a carry handle for portability, a tool kit with spare parts and lubricants, a three foot long filling hose and a female quick disconnect. A one year parts and labor warranty is supplied by Raptor Pneumatics.

  • 110V Power
  • 4500 psi Output
  • Easy Adjust Pressure Shutoff
  • Water and Air Cooled
  • Self-Sufficient Design
  • Self-Serviceable
  • Dual Piston Design (Double Output)
  • Hour Log Service Meter
  • Programmable Auto-Bleed System
  • Easy To Move Casters
  • Tank Support / Carry Handles
  • Timed Grease Indicator
  • Warranty 1 year


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