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Benjamin Marauder .22 Cal Pistol PCP Powered, Multi-Shot Bolt Action

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The Marauder Pistol boasts raw power, pinpoint precision, and unmatched reliability—all in a compact package that fits comfortably in your pack. Depend on the PCP Marauder to handle squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and other small game and varmints. It’s the ultimate deer stand air gun for taking care of pests while waiting for the big buck to come along, and the repeater lets you take a quick follow-up shot if necessary. The Benjamin Marauder pellet pistol boasts an 8-shot rotary magazine and a 2-stage trigger with crisp action. Swap out the pistol grip for a shoulder stock (included), and don’t worry about adjusting the sights after.


  • The Benjamin Marauder Pistol is fast, accurate, and reliable
  • Pistol grip can be swapper for synthetic, all-weather shoulder stock
  • Shrouded barrel delivers velocities up to 800 fps and superb precision
  • 8-shot rotary magazine requires .22-caliber pellets
  • Take up to 30 shots per fill

Don’t be fooled by its compact size—this rugged and powerful bolt action PCP pistol is a Benjamin through-and-through. It’s an excellent secondary weapon for hunting trips, as well as an outstanding choice for backyard plinking with the family and teaching the younger generation. Make it your own with high-end air gun accessories, and be sure to stock up on air gun ammo so you’re always prepared for the next adventure.




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